Top Five Best Stocks to Buy at 2021..3-Kellogg (K)

Usually, when writing top stocks articles the normal thing is to go for the cool and trendy stocks, the ones that everyone talks about, the FANG stocks, Tesla you know who you are!  But these stocks have already had a great 2020 while the rest of the world was suffering. Kellogg (K) has not done too badly but when you look at it versus the broader market (chart below vs S&P 500) it is clear that a return to normal should see it play catch up. Oh, and it also pays out nearly 4% dividend when now you must pay someone to mind your deposits!

K is solid, boring even some might say but it is safe, and we all eat Kellogg’s products and we always will! The dividend is secure with 15 years of K dividend increases. Kellogg (K) has been saddled with problems from its acquisition of Pringles but has reduced its debt/equity from nearly 300% to 230% over the last 4 years. K has had margin pressure recently as revenues continue to grow steadily but profits for the last five years are down nearly 20%, the company has blamed rising commodity input costs and aims to adapt and where possible pass these on.


Steady she goes

Kellogg’s (K) most recent results from October for Kellogg (K) were solid if unspectacular.


EPS beat by $0.05, revenue $3.4b in line with consensus, increased FY2020 outlook, we are not buying Amazon here but a solid steady stock which will continue to pay out a steady dividend.

To be continue

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