Online Job opportunity: Branch Sales Representative with BINFXO

We are looking for Branch Sales Representative as an independent representative office marketing our services with CPA pattern for leading online investment company aiming to attract customers around the world

Better to visit our site first

All citizenship are most welcome, job requires good knowledge about stocks, banking activities and online trading , send your CV with copy of your certificates to our email

How this job works, the commission system and the available payment methods.

Job description:

You will have to bring customers to register and deposit at Binfxo, take advantage of the deposit and withdrawal systems and build investment portfolios at Binfxo.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you access the Binfxo’s website   to find out what services it offers.

Binfxo receives the data of the customer who registers through you directly where you cooperate with him to complete the registration procedures and notify us of the list of registered customers through you.

If the customer repeats the deposits, the commission charges each deposit separately.

You can always contact registered customers to repeat deposits or subscribe to more services, which may increase your profits as commissions are calculated for each deposit separately.

Contact us through your registered email to inform us of the data of registered customers

After the registration and deposit processes for the first customer, you will receive a private email data on the BINFXO Bank server to be used to communicate with us and your customers.


Commission system:

BINFXO Bank does not pay any commissions for the client to register, it pays the commissions after the client activates his account and makes the deposit

Commission 5% on deposits 1000 to $5000

Commission 7.5% on deposits from $5001 to $10,000

Commission 10% on deposits from $10,001 to $20,000

Commission 12.5% on deposits from 2001 to $40,000

Commission 15% on deposits above $40,001

Commission on Market Analytics Service 15%


Your commissions can be received in any way suitable for you as follows:

Transfer to your bank account

Transfer to your Bitcoin wallet

Transfer via Western Union

If payment methods are not suitable for you, please let us know how to pay for you,

The commission payment process takes place on 5, 15 and 30th of each month.


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