Top Five Best Stocks to Buy at and forget

An expected return for the broader market should materialize, with value, real economy stocks set to catch up. 2020 saw tech stocks lead the rally with a lot of the broader market not fully participating, reflecting the struggling underlying real economy. But with near-limitless cheap credit, expect property and housing stocks to do well and associated stocks such as the construction sector.

Retail has had a torrid year at the hands of Amazon, expect this trend to continue as traditional brick-and-mortar retail is stuck with high rents and large cost and logistics bases meaning they just cannot compete with the likes of Amazon. Financial stocks should see some uptick but will still struggle in a zero-rate environment, but investment banking should continue to benefit from strong equity markets and increased bond issuance both corporate and government. Tech and healthcare have outperformed during 2020 so expect a slowdown in 2021 with consumer discretionary to benefit.


Bonds continue to yield close to or below zero, many deposit accounts now charge for the privilege of minding cash and this is not going to change anytime soon. Both fund managers and the public have stockpiled cash and will need to put it to work in 2021.

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