Cryptocurrencies manipulate.. How and who can do it

Ari Paul, a co-founder of BlockTower Capital and a former investment portfolio manager for the University of Chicago halt, wrote in an email: “As with any asset class, Individuals and institutions who own huge sums of these currencies can conspire together to manipulate their prices, and this manipulation has a major impact in the field of cryptocurrencies due to the modernity of their trading markets and the high risks associated with this type of assets.

It is difficult to explain the recent rise in Bitcoin prices. Because this currency has no real value, it was launched in 2009 through a marketing report that was published under a pseudonym, as one of the forms of digital payment managed by an independent network of computers on the Internet using cryptography in order to validate transactions.


Enthusiasts say that this currency can replace banks and other traditional currencies, but its value is only equal to the value paid to purchase it, making it prey to large shifts in its value.


Samani, like most managers of hedge funds specialized in cryptocurrency, is keen to track the trading activities of the addresses associated with the most important investors in the currencies he owns. Although Bitcoin transactions are designed to be anonymous, every investor in this Currency An encrypted address that everyone can know.


“Samani” pointed out that as soon as he notices any trading activity, he immediately contacts potential sellers to find information about their motives behind their selling and their plans to trade, and sometimes traders buy what other currencies own directly without entering the open market to avoid affecting the price.


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