On November 12, 2017, a person opened the door wide for discussion after conducting a transfer of nearly 25 thousand “Bitcoin”, valued at about $ 159 million, to an electronic platform, on November 12, 2017. If this guy intends to sell these digital currencies, he transferred it.

People who own large amounts of bitcoin are usually called whales, and they pose a great concern to investors, as they are able to cause the prices of this currency to drop by selling only a portion of what they own from it, and the possibility of selling this is great now because the value of this The cryptocurrency has risen 12 times since the beginning of 2017.


Aaron Brown, former General Manager and Head of Financial Market Research at AQR Capital Management, commented on this and writes for the Bloomberg Prophets column that is being published. On the Internet, he said that 40 percent of “Bitcoin” is owned by only a thousand people, and that the current prices of this currency, may push them to sell about half of what they own of it.


The most important thing is that these whales can coordinate their movements among themselves or offer them first to a specific group of people before doing them, as many owners of huge amounts of “bitcoin” have known some of them for years, and they have stuck to the currency at a time that everyone mocked it, and they can cooperate Together to lower or raise prices in the cryptocurrency market.

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